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First Apostolic Church of Maryville

The Gardner by Zach Hammond

The Gardner by Zach Hammond

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Today, we are witnessing one of the most disconnected generations from the experience of planting a seed and watching it grow. We live in a fast-food, fast pace, and fast-everything world. When something breaks, or we don’t like it, we dispose of it. You can order the latest and greatest online through prime postage services in our modern internet world. Convenience has always come at a cost; looking back, we had no clue how expensive it was. I believe we have subconsciously developed a throwaway culture. This generation seeks success through shortcuts; they want a promotion with no process. It is a generation lacking a sense of value because they didn’t plant it, build it, or even water it. Thus, they are much quicker to give up and walk away. The Bible not only begins in a garden, but it also continues with its concepts throughout the pages of scripture. The garden is used to teach us that life is all about sowing and reaping. We can see the concepts of Christianity very clearly through what the garden teaches us. Thanks in advance for picking up the book, and I pray a seed of God's Word is planted in your heart that will ultimately produce life everlasting.


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