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First Apostolic Church of Maryville

The Compleat Pastor By David Cantillo

The Compleat Pastor By David Cantillo

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Using Scripture, current scholarship, and personal experience, the author weaves a narrative that will help pastors understand the different hats they wear, and how to be more effective in their work.

This book is a must for pastors of small to medium sized churches that wish to enlarge their congregations and develop leaders for the work of the kingdom. However, pastors of larger churches will also find valuable information and specific concepts that will enhance their pastoral staff and their leadership team.

Written from the point of view of a church planter, David Cantillo draws on the experience from a lifetime in ministry and from taking a small group of people to a congregation of over three hundred. He defines the work of the pastor in three areas: ministry, leadership and management. The first part of the book details those definitions, while the second part delves deeper into each area using resources from the fields of religious and secular leadership and management.

According to this book, a pastor is:
A minister with anointing to help people get saved and develop into disciples;
A leader with vision to shape the strategy, set goals for the church, and motivate people to achieve those goals; and
A manager with wisdom to establish structure and develop leadership for the functioning of the church.

David Cantillo grew up in a pastoral home, and early on looked at the job and ran from it as far away as he could ... until God convinced him otherwise. He followed his earthly passion for Chemistry to an advanced degree and some years of work in industry and academia. Then a heavenly passion led him to evangelistic and pastoral work as a bivocational minister. He obtained a master's degree in counseling to improve his skills as a helper. David is married, the father of three great children (some grown up), and resides in Tampa, Florida, where he continues the work of pastoring a growing multicultural congregation.


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