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First Apostolic Church of Maryville

Sayja's Egg by Dana Mills

Sayja's Egg by Dana Mills

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Sayja's Egg is a creative children's learning book about Easter introducing the most loveable and imaginative cast of characters to your child known as the Scuddlewhompers.

Sayja and his best friend, Mussy Mouse, love to venture through the hedge from their mushroom homes to the other side to spy on the humans or People Creatures as the Scuddlewhompers refer to them. One Sunday morning, Sayja goes to the church beyond the hedge and is amazed by the sight of boys and girls dressed in bright colors celebrating a human holiday. Because he is completely enthralled by all things human. Sayja begs his mother to share all her knowledge of the human holiday known as Easter when the People Creatures celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Your child will fall in love Sayja and his lovely imaginary world where he learns about the real world of humans.


8.25 x 0.11 x 6 inches

44 pages


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