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M.L. Walls

Exodus (The Old Testament Commentaries) by M.L. Walls

Exodus (The Old Testament Commentaries) by M.L. Walls

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The second book of the Bible, Exodus is a story of redemption. God hears the Israelite cries for help and delivers them from Pharaoh and Egyptian bondage. After their deliverance and exodus from Egypt, God provided the Law, established a system of sacrifice, and instructed the people in the building of His tabernacle. Exodus recounts Israel’s entrance into the Mosaic covenant which frames their future existence as a nation.

Exodus is a detailed, critical commentary that is an essential read for anyone who studies, teaches, or preaches the Word of God. Bishop Walls unpacks the book of Exodus in comprehendible, easy-to-read language. This commentary on Exodus places special emphasis on identifying and explaining each passage as it relates to the entire book as well as our lives today. Inspiring and fearsome, the story of Israel’s deliverance and ensuing wandering in the wilderness symbolizes our own journey through a hurting world and into the presence of God.


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