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Double Blessing by Mark Batterson

Double Blessing by Mark Batterson

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New York Times bestselling author and pastor Mark Batterson believes the key to radically increasing your faith, joy, and abundance can be found in these three words:
Flip the blessing.
His discovery started with a simple experiment. Whenever he received a blessing, he would give a similar blessing away. If someone paid him a compliment or gave him a gift or went out of their way to help him, he would return the favor by doing something similar for someone else.
We flip the blessing by blessing others in the way God has blessed us. That's how the blessing becomes a double blessing. It turns giving into a game--one we can't win because God will always out give us! It's an ancient truth found within the Abrahamic covenant: "I will bless you...and you will be a blessing."
In other words, we are blessed to bless. In a day and age where the idea of blessing has been reduced to a hashtag (#blessed), Batteron challenges readers to pursue true, God-glorifying blessing and experience an exponential impact by participating in the double blessing. Don't settle for half of what God offers. Discover how you can both get it and give it.

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Number of Pages: 224

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